Do you charge additional fees for RUSHES?

FRM does not usually charge additional fees for RUSH REPORTS; however, in certain circumstances where an inordinate number of rush searches become the norm, FRM reserves the right to re-negotiate fee structures. FRM fully recognizes that errors may occur from time Continue reading

What are the fees for Reports?

FRM’s fee schedule for Reports vary depending on scope and volume of work. Contact FRM to discuss your specific reporting needs.

What type of management tools does FRM offer?

1. FRM provides a case management Portal to Users which provides an archive of Recently Completed, Pending, and Historical Reports along with associated invoices. 2. For high volume Subscribers, FRM can provide data on all projects, subjects, scopes of work, Continue reading

How can I check on the status of a Report?

Report status can be confirmed by logging into or emailing the Consultant assigned to your account. Recently Completed Reports i.e. Reports completed in the last 7 calendar days, are listed on the landing page immediately upon logging in, or Continue reading