What can impact turnaround times?

FRM understands the events which can lead to delays in its written deliverable reaching its clients, given the high volume of reports which its management has been involved in the production for 15+ years. FRM proactively alerts clients on potential Continue reading

How are Orders confirmed?

FRM confirms orders with a Confirmation Email reflecting the case number, project name, subjects of research, scope of work, line item of charges associated with the scope of work, aggregate fees, and anticipated delivery date(s). Change orders are confirmed in Continue reading

What type of information is included in your Reports?

Reports may include records of criminal, legal, regulatory, corporate, credit, asset, and media filings, in addition to, verifications of biographical details and results of interviews and investigations undertaken.

Who do I contact on questions about Reports?

Please contact the consultant assigned to your Subscriber Account found on page 2 of all Reports, or the Analyst who authored the written report also on page 2. FRM’s email addresses are formatted: [firstname].[lastname]@frm-inc.com.

How much do Reports cost?

Report pricing depends on scope of work, complexity of subjects, and location where research will be performed. Please contact FRM for additional details.

How long do Reports take to complete?

Standard timeline reports in the United States are timed generally for 7 to 12 business days depending on the complexity of scope of work. Rush reports are processed in shorter time frames on a “Best Efforts Basis”. Reports outside of Continue reading

How are Reports delivered?

Financial Risk Mitigation, Inc. delivers final reports results to https://frmclientportal.com to meet information security and compliance objectives.