Asset and Liability InvestigationsFRM’s role is to eliminate uncertainty in transaction and legal matters that are subject to litigation. Through asset searches such as commercial credit reports and asset and liability investigations, FRM performs investigative due diligence to allow our clients to make the best possible decision. Legal investigative due diligence focuses primarily on compliance, change of control triggers and identifying the unknown. This requires a thorough understanding of the client and the client’s industry.

FRM and our network of international analysts extends our scope beyond the borders of the United States. This includes supporting client litigation investigation for non-U.S. clients in litigation matters pending inside the United States, investigation for U.S. clients in litigation pending in nations outside the United States and investigation for U.S. and non-U.S. clients in international arbitrations situated domestically and abroad.

The scope of our activity can be focused or broad depending on the client’s intended outcome. Our investigative due diligence can include:

  • Asset searches including commercial credit reports and asset and liability investigations.
  • Discovery, Location, and identification of material witnesses.
  • Assistance in identification of parties meeting the class.
  • Identification and valuation of personal and real property to determine suit worthiness of subject of research.
  • Uncovering litigation involving an officer or director of the company concerning bankruptcy, crimes, securities law, or business practices at any time during the reporting period.
  • Discovery of conveyances in violation of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.
  • Discovery of unencumbered assets.
  • Discovery of less than arm’s length transactions.
  • Discovery of undisclosed business interests.
  • Discovery of historical instances of fraud.
  • Schedules of litigation, arbitration, and other proceedings to which the company is a party or by which its properties are bound and all pleadings and other material papers related thereto existing during the reporting period.
  • Listing and description of pending claims, lawsuits, arbitrations, or investigations involving a claim for relief against the company, any subsidiary, and their respective officers or directors.
  • Settlements of litigation and other proceedings during the reporting period and copies of settlement agreements (if public), releases, and waivers related thereto.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings in which the company is a creditor or otherwise interested.
  • Discovery of undisclosed contingent liabilities.
  • Discovery of undisclosed business interests.
  • Listings of unsatisfied judgments, orders, and decrees to which the company is subject.
  • Identifying orders, injunctions, judgments, or decrees of any court or regulatory body applicable to the company or its properties.
  • Identifying investigations of the company, pending or threatened, by any governmental authority.

Our respected staff of investigators know where to look to uncover the unknown. Partner with the FRM team that has been doing this decades.