Deal Makers

Private Equity Background Checks for Venture Capital DealsFRM works with leading investment banking institutions throughout the world vetting the background of management teams for New Issues, Secondary Offerings, Private Placements, Mergers & Acquisitions, and High Yield transactions. FRM also provides the same background check services to private equity and venture capitalists.

Our Expertise
Over the past ten (10) years, our research team has been involved in thousands of high level, complex investigations, including private equity background checks and venture capital background checks. Our research concentrates on a review of criminal, legal, regulatory, and media filings along with confirming historical timelines of a manager’s education and employment history. We also routinely perform discreet and/or non-discreet interviews of industry peers and competitors who may have a first-hand knowledge of management in order to round out the profile of the manager’s character, reputation, and integrity.

FRM performs research in all major financial hubs throughout the world by way of an international network of investigators. We can easily stage assignments on multiple continents. Since many of FRM’s review processes are standardized, we can accomplish most assignments in fifteen (15) business days regardless as to geographic locale.

FRM performs research on a discreet or non-discreet basis. Our recommendation is to perform searches on a non-discreet basis as it provides management with a venue to make material disclosures. Obtaining the consent of management also allows FRM to complete a more thorough report. FRM always gathers information respectful of the privacy and data laws of each country we work in.