Asset-Based Lending

Commercial Credit Reports for Asset-Based LendingFRM provides asset based lenders with a profile on the entity and management that can assist in identifying unreported liabilities, risk factors of fraud and poor decision making. Commercial credit reports are critical to evaluate risk factors. FRM is also routinely engaged as part of on-going surveillance on the transaction to confirm the lenders’ collateral position, detect unreported new financing arrangements and validate commercial credit reports.

Our Expertise
Our research concentrates on a review of criminal, legal, regulatory, and media filings along with confirming historical timelines of a manager’s education and employment history. We also routinely perform discreet and, or non-discreet interviews of industry peers and competitors who may have a first hand knowledge of management in order to round out the profile of the manager’s character, reputation, and integrity.

FRM assigns specialized Teams with backgrounds in accounting, commercial banking, law, law enforcement, and regulatory banking. Since FRM has standardized many of the means whereby we gather information and report that information to our client, we are able to accomplish most assignments in less than ten (10) business days.