The FRM Difference

Actionable Reports

  • Comprehensive, factual, and easy-to-read reports with a concise summary of results
  • Exhibits of materially significant source documentation upon which analyses are made
  • Analysis and summary of results without false positives

Transaction-Specific Expertise

Quality Control

  • Search methods specific to local courts from which information is derived
  • Network of vetted international investigators
  • Unique and discreet investigative techniques
  • Internal peer reviews of investigative findings to ensure distillation of accurate and comprehensive results
  • Specialists with diverse background in accounting, banking, securities, due diligence, legal, technology, and human resource sectors

Data Security and Information Privacy

  • Secure, robust case management systems providing clients with an interface for securely tracking, ordering, archiving, and retrieving reports while meeting bank level security requirements
  • Written and Comprehensive Information Security Policy
  • Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards meeting or exceeding industy standards
  • Compliance with applicable worldwide laws and regulations through business practices reviews with expert privacy counsel
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning to meet RPO and RTO objectives tested at least once annually, including table top exercises

Client-Centered Best Practices

  • Single point of contact for resolution of all issues
  • Early notifications on transaction ending information (e.g. bank fraud, fraud/embezzlement convictions, etc.)