What can impact turnaround times?

FRM understands the events which can lead to delays in its written deliverable reaching its clients, given the high volume of reports which its management has been involved in the production for 15+ years. FRM proactively alerts clients on potential Report delays at the outset of the Order, or in the event a promised timeline (as part of its Confirmation email) may not be able to be met.

Outside of the variables which FRM is able control as a part of its process, FRM believes it is important for its clients to understand those factors which may otherwise hamper the delivery of its reports according to agreed upon service levels. These factors include the following:

•Incomplete Information submitted by client e.g. improperly stylized entity name, no credit release, no county and state information on entities as to where to search, etc.

•Original venues of research specified may require expansion as warranted by address histories of individuals and/or business activities of entities. Delays relate to budget approvals for expansion of research.

•Common names leading to multiple false positive hits requiring high level, slow manual reviews.

•Archived Information requiring additional processing timelines.

•Antiquated and/or slow bureaucracies.

•Force Majeure – courthouse computer systems down, snow storms, etc.

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