Are you able to process orders on RUSH basis?

FRM processes RUSH orders on a “Best Efforts Basis” based on a number of factors including:

•Commonality of the subjects name which may lead to an inordinate number of filings;

•The complexity posed by the unique Subject of research, i.e. certain high profile individuals or large companies may have an inordinate number of filings which may be consistent with the industries in which they operate, but nonetheless require individual examination increasing the review time;

•The known timelines in which a particular jurisdiction wherein research may be performed. Some counties in the United States, for example, may require a government employee to perform the search result in which case FRM and the Subscriber may be at their mercy and processing timelines.

•FRM’s processing loads at a given point in time.

Please contact the consultant assigned to your account for additional information in regards to processing RUSH orders.

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