How do I send a document to you securely?

To send us a document securely, please visit . Enter your email address to receive a confirmation email that the document has been received by FRM and a brief description of the document. Next enter the recaptcha. Then drag Continue reading

Why do you perform entitlement reviews?

FRM is committed to information security and a standard practice is to perform periodic entitlement reviews to determine if Users may still need access. FRM interacts with Client Head Designates to determine which Users on the Subsriber’s account that have Continue reading

Why did you access my consumer credit report?

FRM accesses consumer credit reports according to the written instructions of the consumer to whom the report relates or other permissible purpose. In the event you were recently involved in a commercial transaction or being considered for employment, this most Continue reading

What is your data retention policy?

Report data and Subject data are set to purge by a default period of approximately five (5) years from the date of Report completion. Electronic systems such as messaging systems, file servers, and database servers are configured to purge data Continue reading