Last Updated: March 25, 2020 @ 8:36 CST

Financial Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“FRM”) is fully operational and has re-located, except for a few staff members, our personnel to work from home. FRM’s network supports remote connectivity for employees. The system in use is a Remote Desktop Gateway Server providing access to full network resources. This allows the FRM user to access the environment from their own computer in their home while also maintaining proper containerization for having proper security in place to work with sensitive data. FRM’s co-locates mission critical servers in AWS on both the West Coast and East Coast of the United States. All remote systems are working as intended.

FRM is complying with Louisiana’s “stay at home” order: .

As FRM is identified by many of its Clients as a mission critical provider, we have developed resiliency, redundancy, and mobility as a part of its systems and processes.

As an organization that successfully reconstituted operations after Hurricane Katrina with  offices situated in the Gulf Coast Region, FRM managed this event without service interruption. Since that time in 2005, FRM has laser focused on developing mitigation strategies to a variety of events that might lead to business interruption, including planning for Pandemic flu which is informing FRM’s response to COVID-19.

Certain specific geographies may impact results on a case-by-case basis in the event of court closures, if those records are not electronically available. FRM is updating instances of court closures here:

Specific cases as they are received will have communications in process on known issues, just like any other case on which we might work.

Many jurisdictions allow on-line access to records, national data aggregators may house certain information from those jurisdictions, and where records may not be available as a court may not provide remote access, clients will be advised accordingly.

Other specific strategies that are being followed include:

  1. Suspending any unnecessary travel.
  2. Routine cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched objects in office.
  3. Providing Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance for affected employees which is an existing benefit that FRM pays for 100% across all employees.
  4. Providing health care coverage to employees.
  5. Providing additional financial assistance as may be necessary from FRM to encourage proper behavior.
  6. Actively reviewing other essential procedures and steps based on business impact analyses.

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